Eastern Pennsylvania

Having a great time at EPA Quiz Rally!!




Welcome to EPA and USPC.

What dose Pony Club offer? We teach conference, independence, study skills, stress management, teamwork, vollunteerisem, communication skills, friendship, cominity participation, time management, public speaking, physical fitness, respect, creative thinking, leadership skills, problem solving, research skill, brainstorming skills, organization skills, time management, empathy, humanity, compassion, appreciation, responsibility, resoursfulness, determination, and how to have fun. 

How do we do this? Through Horse Management Training, mounted lessons, unmounted lessons, camps, clinics, travel, scholarships, networking, rallies, Championships, Symposium, Festival,  International Exchange, National Youth Congress, and having fun. 

What is a Rally? It is Pony Clubs’ version of a horse show. 

What is special about a Rally? We follow a team format. You compete with your friends on a team of 4 or 5. The team is evaluated on there Horse Management skills. Intaviduals are also evaluated on there riding skills. 

What type of Rallies do we offer? In EPA we have Quiz, Horseless, Dressage, Eventing, Games, Show Jumping and Tetrathlon. You may also participate in other regions rallies of Polo, Hunt Seat, Polocross, Western, Distance Riding, Driving, Foxhunting, and Vaulting.

Contact any of our clubs or centers to find our how to be involved.