Eastern Pennsylvania

Pay Online

You may now use PayPal, Mastercard or Visa to pay for any regional events - including Certifications, Rallies, Clinics or other events.  Please provide the name and date of the event you are paying for and the name of the member or rider participating in the event. 

You will be responsible for a convenience fee, based on the cost of the event.  This fee covers the on-line transaction fees charged by the card processors.  The convenience fees are added to the costs in the drop down lists below. 

Event Cost

$20-$40 $1.50
$45-$80 $2.50
$85-$100 $3.00
$105-$180 $5.00 
$180+ $8.00

Are multiple BUY buttons, so if you don't see what you are looking for keep scrolling down the page.   During the checkout process in Paypal, there will be another field to enter any special instructions or other information. 

***NOTE  There is currently an issue with Chrome - the PayPal button below will fail.    Use Safari, Internet Explorer, or Edge browsers until Chrome or Paypal fixes this issue.


To Pay for National or EPA Held Regional Certifications: 

After clicking the Pay Now button, you will be prompted to enter the amount.  The amount should include the total of:

  • Certification fees
  • Stall fees
  • Convenience fee 
Event Type
Enter the Event Date
Participant Name


To Pay for Spring Clinics (Horse Management, Standards and Certs)


EPA Clinic Type
Member Name
Event Date

To Pay for A Rally

Rally Entry
Participant Name
Event Date


To Pay for Camp or Summer Activities

Entry Fee
Member Name
Date Of Event