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Some info from the 2019 National Meeting. We had a good showing from EPA. All those that attended have been asked to share some of what they learned.

From Sandy;’

New age and certifications requirements for Champs. New process for Champs paperwork. The RS will notify Nationals as to who has qualified. Then Nationals will send the member an invitation. 

No more Horsematers. We have Jr Members (17-) and Sr. Members (18+).  *** a Jr may move up to a Sr team but a Sr may not move down to a Jr. team.

Traditional Certification is now known as Eventing Certification.

New Re-testing format. Knoladge area can be retested in a week.

Check out the SOP, particularly in the HB conditionaning schedual, new record book template, longing and bandaging cards, and teaching section has new time schedule. 

No Quality and Non-Qualifying rallies, now we are Standard and Modified. These teams can not be combined. Modified teams at Champs will have an adjusted schedule. They may jump fewer times or do fewer dressage test. They will also have “classroom” time. 

Please make time to read the new discipline books. One of the changes in Horse Management is the stock pin no longer has to go through the stock tie knot. It has been rumored that some CHMJ may give exceed standards if you do put it through the knot. Many other changes is Attire. 

What is coming; new online registration, updated find a club/center, dual membership, and Safe Sport. 


From Sabrina;

I found the sessions on new details for Champs and "Instruction Planning Ideas to Incorporate into Any Club or Riding Center" to be the  most useful sessions.  Sessions such as these are great reasons to come to the convention.