Eastern Pennsylvania

Quiz Rally

Quiz is a non-riding team competition where Pony Club members show their knowledge and skills. Members are judged based on their Certification level. Certification levels are tied to the Standards of Pro?ciency. 

Many aspects of Pony Club mounted Rallies can be learned at the Quiz Rally. This Rally, besides challenging the Pony Club members to learn horsemanship and horse care, provides them with opportunities to display and learn good sportsmanship, leadership, stewardship, and teamwork as they prepare thoroughly, plan and cooperate with their teammates.


Modified Novice D D-2 & D-3 HM 10-11

Modified Novice C C-1 HM & C-2 HM 10-11

Modified Junior D D-2 & D-3 HM 12-17

Modified Senior D D-2 & D-3 HM 18+

Junior D D-3 HM 12-17Senior D D-3 HM 18+

Junior C/H-B C-1 HM–H-B 12-17

Senior C/H-B C-1 HM–H-B 18+H-B/H/H-A H-B–H-A 14+

Certified H-B, H, and H-A members wishing to compete at Champion ships do not have to participate at a regional Quiz rally but must have permission of their RS.

Regional details:

Un-rated members or guest that wish to compete are welcome. They will be considered D1s for the competition.

Appropriate accommodations will be made to accommodate any learning differences or physical challenges a member has in completing the tasks.

This is given on a case by case need. Accommodations request must be made prior to the Rally day to the RS.

Championship details:
NOTE: Quiz competitors MUST BE AT LEAST 10 YEARS OF AGE on JANUARY 1 to compete in the USPC Championships of that year.
NOTE:  In order to be eligible to qualify for Championships, all competitors must have obtained their D2HM certifications prior to competing in their Regional Quiz Rally and must compete as a D-2 or higher. Championship qualifiers who rate up between Regional Quiz Rally and Champion ships will compete at the level at which they qualified.

Written Test – These tests are supplied by the USPC. Competitors take the test at their HM level.

Classroom: 3 Rounds (3 individual questions per competitor), Round one - competitor answers question at their rating. Round two - competitor can ask for a question on level high than their rating. Round 3 - competitor can ask for a question two levels higher than their rating. Higher level questions answering correctly are worth more points.

Barn: 3 Individual questions per competitor and 1 Team question

Stations: 5 or 6 Stations per Division

Mega-Room: 10 Tables per Division for qualifying divisions.

Please download the new 2021 Quiz Rulebook and Newsletter from the USPC Website.
?You will find a wealth of information there which will help prepare our competitors for this fun rally.


All competitors are asked to wear their club polos, their pony club pins, armbands or medical bracelets. Please bring appropriate barn shoes or paddock boots for the barn phase. You will be given a pinney with your number on it which you will wear during the competiton.
Medical Armbands and Bracelets
USPC requires that members participating in any USPC a?liated mounted or un-mounted activity, must wear either a Medical Armband or Medical Bracelet while participating in the activity. The member may choose which one to wear.

Medical Armbands must include a current completed copy of the individual's USPC or USEA Medical Card. It must be worn on the upper arm. If the member has small arms, he/she may safety pin the armband to his/her upper sleeve. (Armbands are available for purchase from Shop Pony Club.)  Note:  ipod holders or other MP3 type holders are sometimes a better choice for smaller arms.

Medical Bracelets must visibly list these ?ve items on them: Name and Date of Birth, Contact Information, Known Allergies, Current Medications, and Existing Medical Conditions. More information is acceptable, but these ?ve items are required to be on the bracelet.